Preparing for the new 2017 tax legislation

Year end deadlines and policy changes on existing life insurance policies and annuities, and impact on grandfathered status. … The window is closing fast, and the price you may pay for not acting on this could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Extra tax, real value taken out of the hands of your business, your retirement, your estate.

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The Truth About Mortgage Insurance

Bank mortgage insurance protects the bank. A real life insurance policy protects your family. An independent, educated, licensed Financial Advisor can show you the difference.

Using Healthcare Spending Accounts Creatively

As businesses look for creative ways to recruit, motivate and reward their employees (without breaking the bank) these flexible accounts offer tremendous value for the dollar, while maintaining cost control in a volatile economy. Finally, as you only pay when claims are incurred, there is no reason not to have a healthcare spending account in place if you own a business.