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Benefits that keep your team in formation

Benefits that keep your team in formation

Employee benefits are more than just a tax deduction and cheaper dental work. They are one of the most effective tools for communicating the culture and beliefs of your organization to the people working in it. Employee engagement is a vital part of our process that, along with broad competitive market access and experienced usage analysis, lets us make sure you get the right plan in place for your team that is appreciated by your staff and effective with your premium dollars.

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Half robo, half human: meet the Bionic Advisor

The investment market in Canada changed a few years ago with the advent of the robo-advisors; online wealth management tools available to anyone, at lower costs than any of the old legacy institutions could match. But not everyone is comfortable trusting their financial futures to an algorithm. The human element remains an important part of a financial plan. Someone to advise and coach you through up and down markets, to answer questions about what to do and when, and to integrate your savings with your insurance and the rest of your full financial picture.

Combine the best modern tools available with trusted advice from someone you can talk to.

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Half robo, half human: meet the Bionic Advisor

Shareholder Agreements

Shareholders retire, get divorced, have financial problems, become disabled or die. A properly drafted shareholder agreement can provide the necessary framework for managing change.


Who are you protecting, your family or your bank?

Mortgage insurance, the kind you buy through your lender, is designed to do one thing: protect the institution from losing money. They control the coverage amount, the premiums, the ownership of the policy, and they can even deny your claim if you didn’t understand all the small print they make you sign. When you own your own life insurance policy you control who gets paid and how much, the price is based on your health (not subsidizing ┬áthe bank’s unprofitable customers), and you can keep the policy with you as you change houses, lenders, jobs, provinces, etc. Take care of your family, not your lender’s bottom line.

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Who are you protecting, your family or your bank?

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