Travel Insurance

Emergency medical travel insurance: One thing you really shouldn’t take a chance with, is sickness or injury while outside of Canada. In most countries, medical expenses can be extremely costly, often thousands of dollars a day. Emergency medical travel insurance can be a lifesaver in more ways than one.

Multi-trip emergency medical travel insurance: This could be your most cost effective option if you travel frequently, or think it likely that you’ll make more than one trip per year. Plans range from basic to fairly comprehensive, and trips of up to 90 days can be accommodated.

It cannot be overstated, things can get complicated if not downright frightening when medical emergencies and hospitalizations occur without adequate insurance. The right travel insurance plan can help to prevent small misfortunes while away from becoming big ones, and bad situations from becoming catastrophic.

You can purchase basic travel insurance that will cover things like emergency medical treatment and hospital stays, but you also have the option of buying policies that include extra bells and whistles if you wish. Benefits like a companion at your bedside, vehicle and pet returns, accidental dental, change of mind, baggage delay etc., etc. The key is to pick the level of coverage that you’re comfortable with and that fits the type of trip you have planned.

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